A Curator, on the Steem blockchain, is a user that votes on the content posted by authors on the network.

Curation Rewards

After 7 days, a payout is released to the author(s) as well curators who voted on the content. The reward pool distributes payout each post as follow:

  • 25% goes to curators
  • 75% goes to authors

The more a given curator has accumulated VESTS (also called Steem Power), the more rewards they will tend to accumulate through their curation efforts.

Curation Rules - Reverse Auction

The curation "game" works as a reverse auction. If a vote comes immediately after a post is made, then 99.94% of it will be sent back to the reward pool, after 7.5 minutes 50% and after 15 minutes 0%. Curators must figure out when is best to vote depending on how much a given article has a chance of becoming popular.

Last Updated: 10/9/2018, 11:42:32 AM