Welcome to the Steem Documentation Network!

The Steem Documentation Network (SDN) is a development documentation website for the Steem Blockchain. This project is open-source and everybody is invited to contribute. We are powered by Utopian, which gives contributors an opportunity to earn rewards when pull requests are merged to the project.

SDN provides a glossary, reference and documentation to help developers build a groundbreaking application that makes the most of what the Steem blockchain has to offer.

What is the Steem Blockchain?

Steem is an open-source, public, blockchain protocol powered by the native cryptocurrency STEEM. The protocol is designed to operate as a decentralized content management platform with 3-second confirmation and fee-less transactions. Once stored on the blockchain, the content becomes publicly available for developers to create apps and websites.

Why Use Steem?

Largest Crypto Community On The Internet

An average of 60,000 users transact day after day on the Steem blockchain which makes it the largest crypto community on the internet. Developers can leverage this community to get people to test their app, create content and even bootstrap their own community.


Steem has the ability to process millions of transactions per day without problems. This allows for successful apps to keep a great user experience throughout their growth process.

Built-in Monetization

The beneficiary reward system allows developers to have pre-determined a percentage of the rewards generated via their application to go back to their project. You no longer need to worry about creating ad revenue or develop a complicated monetization scheme.

Freemium Blockchain

Steem operates under a bandwidth model rather than a fee model. Fees are a major barrier to adoption for most applications. Learn more about Steem Resource Credit System here.

Looking to Contribute to SDN?

If you want to be part of this exciting project, make sure to read our contribution guidelines as well as our code of conduct first. If you are looking for a specific task to complete, visit our Trello Board.

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